An airliner flies above a sailboat that’s alone on the sea at sunset, near some islands.

High-capacity connectivity in the world’s most remote places

Viasat delivers smart connectivity for doing business in the hardest-to-reach locations.
Viasat’s fleet of high-capacity satellites are designed to use flexible bandwidth allocation to shift capacity to deliver a seamless connected experience to consumers, businesses, governments, and militaries across the globe.

Industries we serve

A group of wind turbines emerge from the ocean surface as the sun sets behind them.
A group of wind turbines emerge from the ocean surface as the sun sets behind them.
Viasat helps keep organizations connected in the hardest-to-reach places, even under the harshest weather conditions.
No wonder the world relies on Viasat to bring dependable performance to locations where existing wireless and terrestrial systems are overloaded or inoperable. 
Secure your operations even in the most remote locations with Viasat's high-capacity satellite connectivity. Our reliable network is built to provide exceptional connectivity to support your mission-critical activities and protect your valuable assets.
Viasat delivers high-capacity, smart-connectivity for people working in the hardest-to-reach places. Our combination of satellite internet, AI, telecommunications, and cybersecurity solutions allows you to adapt to changing demands, while safeguarding your investments.

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